“Her faith is contagious.”

"Jodi is a passionate visionary leader who I first met when speaking at a WJOF event in 2008. Since then, it has been such a joy and privilege mentoring Jodi through my online B.L.A.S.T. Program and staying connected online through social media platforms. Her faith is contagious, and her vision for Restoration is gigantic.  Listeners will be challenged, encouraged, and blessed beyond measure!"

  Shannon Ethridge, M.A., Certified Life/Relationship Coach, International Speaker, and Author of 22 books including the best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series

Jodi is very passionate about her relationship with God and equally, is highly committed to ministry and contributing to the kingdom of God. I’ve known Jodi and her family for over 17 years and she is very focused on restoration ministries, particularly with respect to women, and more broadly, the family. She has a heart for challenging and addressing issues related to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She is fervent about making an impact!

- Pastor Harry Strauss,  Forest Grove Community Church


"Jodi Kozan is a visionary leader and a gifted communicator. As the founder of Women’s Journey of Faith, Jodi has demonstrated outstanding organizational skills. She is passionate about the restoration message and she encourages them to share their stories of transformation and the good news about Jesus Christ. By example, Jodi demonstrates what she teaches—live by faith, walk in love, and affirm the call. I highly recommend her as a leader, speaker, and writer!"

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, Founder of Speak Up with Confidence

"It is my delight to comment on the significant capacity, competencies, and character of Jodi Kozan. She is a person well above reproach, vulnerable about her life realities, full of integrity, authenticity, and is widely respected and trusted. She models exemplary faith, hope and love.  She has demonstrated significant resilience as a corporate leader, engaging team leader, influential and inspirational communicator, and facilitator. She is a very capable and caring influencer and writer. She is significantly engaged in graduate level leadership studies and pursuits. She is an ideal team player as described by Patrick Lencioni in his fine resource, The Ideal Team Player. She has demonstrated significant engagement & influence in numerous trans-denominational settings and contexts. She has experience and a growing expertise in shaping and designing community service focused organizations. Be assured that Jodi will bring a significantly positive experience to any context that she leads, facilitates, speaks, writes, in or for. You will sense her deep compassion, commitment and competencies as you engage with her or experience her service. 

- Paul Magnus, PhD President Emeritus & Distinguished Professor of Leadership & Management Coach, Consultant, Facilitator 


The above video was created and shared at a gathering to say thanks for the first 16 years of organizational/ ministry formation. I have since moved forward and unto new endeavours. I look back to those days knowing my service there has helped to shape much of my convictions today.