Below are a few resources I either created, contributed to or simply am recommending on various topics such as identity, calling, unity, reconciliation, sexual exploitation/ justice, marriage, family, healing etc:

'Who I am in Christ' is a powerful resource to speak aloud affirmations of your true identity based on the Word of God. i.e., Truths about how God sees you and to renounce the lies.

Download Identity Resource


'S.H.A.P.E.' stands for Spiritual Gifts, Heartbeat, Abilities, Personality and Experiences.  Download both the main document and the assessment to  lead you in an exercise of reflecting on your journey of faith to hone on your path of service.

Download S.H.A.P.E. Introduction

Download S.H.A.P.E. Assessment


How to walk in unity when individuals or groups have vast differences. An example is a document produced called 'Called to Common Witness' A Joint Statement by the Evangelical-Roman Catholic Dialogue in Saskatoon (2012- 2015) where I was involved with the dialogue for 3 years in order to create a document for the community that shares our shared faith, our acknowledging our central differences, and affirmation of our common mission.

Download Called to Common Witness Resource 

Download Small Group Discussion Guide (Harry Strauss)


Other Recommended resources for you!

 Below is a smorgasbord of recommended links, organizations, conferences/events, books, coaching or mentoring resources including a book I recently contributed a chapter to for Justice Rising: "Impossibilities are Targets for Miracles!


Resources that Have Sharpened My Focus

  Briercrest B.L.A.S.T. Nefarious LOGOS,  Red Light Green Light


       Top 12 Books and Studies that Rocked My World

                         I'll Hold you in Heaven ,Treasures in Heaven ,Why Not Women?Honour's RewardWomen, God's Secret Weapon,UnashamedAs One/ World EmbraceSisterhoodOne Thousand GiftsThe Testimony SeriesExperiencing God    


                                             Some Organizations & Events I Love and Respect

    Hope Rested Canada  , Abolition Summit ,  Exodus Cry Unearthed , A21 Walk for Freedom , IJM ,

Women's Journey of Faith , Colour Sisterhood ,She Speaks , Gather , Breakforth Canada , Leader Impact ,

 Family Life Canada , Focus on the Family, Reconciliation Saskatoon, Reconciliation Canada, Compassion ,






I had the honour of writing a chapter for Cassandra Lee’s first book "Impossibilities are Targets for Miracles" where I share a glimpse of my story and Restoration: Heart, Family, World.

Excited for this project as all proceeds go towards her work with Justice Rising!